Welcome! We are the acoustic music trio, Hitchhiking Honeymoon... Eric Beattie, Marymoore Patterson, and Sam Pointer. We have three albums of original music: Hitchhiking Honeymoon- Album #1 (released spring of 2019), and River Friend-Album #2 (released March 2020). and Chase the Sun (released March 25, 2022) Click on the light-blue BC (BandCamp) icon below the album cover photos to hear our music. We are also on Facebook (icon to the right). We have CDs and songs available for sale on this site. 

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Hitchhiking Honeymoon is an acoustic folk-rock trio based in San Francisco. Their strong songwriting paints pictures and tells stories, with male and female vocal harmonies floating over intricate guitar playing, sparkling mandolin, and solid bass lines. They have three albums -  the first released in 2019 has the title- “Hitchhiking Honeymoon” and is under the artist name Eric Beattie, Sam Pointer, and Marymoore Patterson. The next two albums are under the artist name Hitchhiking Honeymoon…their titles are River Friend (2020) and Chase the Sun (EP, due March 25, 2022).  The vivid stories in their songs are populated by a range of interesting characters: river spirits, lovers on a beach, a widower mourning the loss of his wife, talking fish who scold fishermen, a self-driving car, long-lost friends, a cat who hates bluegrass music, an undercover agent, American settlers headed West, and a Golden Gate Park buffalo. The themes include love, loss, triumph, and the struggle for us to stay connected to each other and to the natural world. Hitchhiking Honeymoon is made up of married couple Eric Beattie and Marymoore Patterson (also in Eric Beattie and the Party Ants, with two albums) and Sam Pointer (also a solo artist, with two albums and a third coming in 2022).

Our three albums

Song List & Credits from New EP "chase the sun"

1. Without a Face (3:54) § 
2. Message in the Sand (3:18) © 
3. We Belong (3:57) ª 
4. Chase the Sun (3:58) © 
5. Missing Man (3:57) § 
6. Dance of a Spirit (4:41) ª 

Eric Beattie - lead (ª) and harmony vocals, guitar, percussion 

Marymoore Patterson - lead (©) and harmony vocals 

Sam Pointer - lead (§) and harmony vocals, lead guitar, bass, mandolin 

Produced by Sam Pointer with Eric Beattie. 

Executive Producer -  Eric Beattie. 

All songs written by Eric Beattie and Sam Pointer, 

except “Chase the Sun” written by Marymoore Patterson, Eric Beattie, and Sam Pointer. 

Recorded and mixed by Robert Preston at GetReel Productions, San Francisco, CA. 

Mastered by Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering, San Francisco, CA. 

Original artwork and layout by Michelle White, michelle-white.com, San Francisco, CA.

Live Stream Event on March 19th Featuring our new single: Message in the sand

Brisbane Artist's Evening of Sharing

Livestream, 7pm, March 19th

Hitchhiking Honeymoon will present new single "Message in the Sand"

Reviews and References

I could listen to this album (River Friend) all day! No Grass Cat is one of my favorites.” - Michelle White

High Praise from Tom Aldora founder of Aldora Britian Records about our first album "Hitchhiking Honeymoon" (under the artist name Eric Beattie, Sam Pointer, and Marymoore Patterson.

Tom says: "... it's a fantastic record...a gem from start to finish and a true pleasure to feature you on our new compliation called Making Up For Lost time, now on Bandcamp!" Here’s a link…

"Message in the sand" Music Video

Lyric Video of "Without a Face"

Video production of "Miss Blue Moon"

Live radio performance

Live Performance on KPIG Radio, Santa Cruz/ Watsonville CA

Live Performance on "Please Stand By"

With host Sleepy John sandidge

November 10th, 2019

Radio Plays on NPR

Featured on NPR (national Public radio) on East Coast and The South

The Sundilla Music Hour- Summer 2019

Hosted by Kelly Walker and curated by Bailey Jones

Live Performance at The Art House, Berkeley, CA,

January, 27th 2018  Hosted by Harlod Adler and produced by Mike Somavilla, photos by Jan Sturman

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